The Benz Boyz just dropped their first EP “Cursed.”

  • We have already caught the attention of several LA investors, Hype Magazine blog AnR’s and managers who are impressed by the diversity of our content.
  • We are currently seeking management to book shows, secure radio placements, heighten industry exposure, and promote are online content.
  • Benz Boyz has been making noise in the rap industry, and has already caught the eye of Gucci Mane and Wiz Khalifa despite only being out for 2 months.
  • Jacpot Dinero, a legend from California, has been well known in both Kansas City as well as New York and Chicago for his endeavors in both music and in the streets. They call him the “Young Wilt Chamberlin” because he balls so hard at everything he does.

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The Benz Boys (a hip hop collective out of Kansas City, Missouri) just dropped their first EP “Cursed.” “Cursed” features a blend of haunted thematic elements with a slap of gangster melody over addictive new school trap instrumentals. The project highlights experiences with women, their harrowing real life experiences in the game, and the belief that they’ve been “cursed” to a life of addiction affliction and dangerous action.

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The Benz Boyz are destined to make their mark as the most diverse up and coming hip hop act out now. They're considered to be the best because no other rap act or group can replicate their magical process in the studio. They invented "fusion rap" and had to patent their flow because so many tried to copy their style and download their drip. It cant be done.